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How to outlast your competitors on free fuck sites

June 19th, 2018

I know that when you join a free fuck site, you are feeling really competitive. I can’t blame you, I mean, these places have such fucked up male to female ratios that they might as well be gay sites. I know that’s funny. It’s a joke but there’s a lot of truth to that.

I mean, come on, you join a site and there’s one real female for every thousand guys. Pay attention to what I just said– one real female. Based on surface appearances, it may seem like the place has plenty of females but don’t let your eyes fool you. 90% of those “females” are actually guys using software to try to scam and spam you. The remaining 5% are chicks with issues and don’t want to really fuck with anybody. They’re real women but they’re not there to fuck, so I don’t even count them, and the other 4% are dudes who are trying to have real sex with you. This is an average of course but every now and again you will come across adult dating sites that have much higher percentages of females willing to fuck just like

I know that’s scary. I know that’s kind of the sex you didn’t want but I’d be doing you a big disservice by not telling you the truth. It’s really fucked up situation, right? So it’s really important to compete properly. Otherwise, you’re just going to play the game to lose and it might end up that joining these free fuck sites is a pain in the ass figuratively, and if you hook up with a she-male, literally.

Signs of a Sex Date Rip Off

September 21st, 2017

You might be thinking, “If I’m on a sex date, how can I be ripped off? After all, I’m on a date where me and my date assume and expect that the sex would be anonymous, quick, and there will be no emotional consequences. What’s to hate? Did I miss anything?” Well, you did. The truth is, it’s very easy to go on a sex date and get ripped off.

I’ve talked to many guys who are veterans of one sex date after another, and guess what? The vast majority of their experiences were less than exciting. In fact, they were flat out disappointing. Here are just three of the signs that you should look out for. These are three red flags that the date, far from being exciting and sexy, would actually suck. By suck, I’m talking about disappointing, not the right kind of suck, if you know what I mean.

Your Date Looks Nothing Like Her Profile Photos

There are many guys who join dating sites like  who put pictures of Keanu Reeves or Brad Pitt on their profile. They think it’s funny, they think it’s a laugh. Yeah, haha, great, right? It’s funny if you’re trying to clown on annoying women. But the problem is, it’s not so funny when the shoe is on the other foot.

There are many women who use profile photos of other chicks in their offices, or women who they went to college with. Their profile photos have a certain attitude and a certain look. When you show up for your sex date, your date actually looks very, very different from her profile photo. How would that make you feel? Well, 9 times out of 10, you’re going to want to head for the exit. I know exactly where you’re coming from. I’ve been on those types of dates, and it sucks to be hooked by a deceptive profile photo.

Why does free webcam sex always disappoint?

March 27th, 2016


You might think that free webcam sex is a slam dunk. I mean, think about it. This type of entertainment puts two of the most awesome words in the English language together and tries to deliver. They took the word “free” and they took the word “sex”. They put it into one package that’s very easy to understand, that most guys can agree on. How awesome is that?

The sad reality is that a lot of things that may seem great on paper and theory almost always never pans out in real life. Take the case of communism. If you’ve read Karl Marx’s The Communist Manifesto, you probably think this is the best thing since the proletariat baked bread and sliced it. It’s just great stuff, I mean, talking about when he talks about a classless society and workers owning their means of production. Talk about bringing paradise on earth.

The problem is when it’s actually implemented and after you’re done with all the killings, mass enslavement, and imprisonment, it’s a complete and total mess. Again, things that sound great in theory almost always never pan out in reality. The same applies to free webcam sex on .

The whole idea of watching a webcam performer who is all cute take off her clothes and them some lucky audience member show up and bang the fuck out of her. I mean, that sounds awesome. That sounds like the Holy Grail if you’re back in junior high.

The problem is, as an adult, you know that’s not going to happen. Nine times out of ten, the performance would suck. Nine times out of ten, what you get is completely different from what you expected.

If you’re sick and tired of all that bullshit, you need to be ready to pay for the experience that you’re looking for. The good news is that it’s still going to be cheaper than it was ten or five years ago. It’s still going to be cheaper than paying for a membership at a typical porn site. Do you see where I’m coming from?

The thesis of what I’m saying is to simply not be afraid of paying for the experience that you came for. There’s nothing wrong with paying because – hey, let’s face it. Not everybody has the luxury of time. You have to remember that even though the free webcam sex that you’re enjoying is free, you’re still paying with your time because you’re waiting until the performer and the audience gets it right. It can take forever. That’s the real loss.

Hot webcam girls having free live sex chat

July 9th, 2015


There are more and more sexy women out there getting on their webcams and broadcasting themselves these days, but one dirty little secret few people will tell you is that many of them love having free live sex chat with people they meet online. Sure, they love to put on shows and some of these girls work for tips or do private shows for people, but most of them (at least on also have a free chat option. This is where the sexy girl hangs out in her room and chats with anyone that happens to come in and want to talk. Usually these girls are wearing something sexy or very skimpy, but there are some of these girls that are exhibitionist so they relax naked and chat. They will talk to you just about any subject (many of them are well-read and they hail from different parts of the globe so they have interesting perspectives on things), but deep down what they really want to do is have naughty, sex chat with you. They want to hear your deepest desires and they want you to tell them what you want them to do. Pleasing you makes these girls happy and the happier they are the more clothes come off!

Private cams probably saved the online adult business

June 8th, 2015


If you’ve been watching all sorts of adult porno and watching all sorts of free live cam shows, you’re probably under the impression that free adult entertainment is absolutely free. You might even be thinking that you are entitled to free porn. I really can’t blame you for thinking that way because for the most part, the online adult industry shot itself in the head. I’m not saying it shot itself in the foot, I’m saying it shot itself in the head. We are talking about an existential dilemma here.

You have to remember that the roots of this current malaise challenging the online adult entertainment industry has its seeds 10 years ago. Back then, the most popular way to promote any kind of online adult paysite entertainment is to show free samples. Initially, these free samples were very tame. We’re talking about, maybe, a couple of seconds of a video of a guy slamming his dick into some chick. And it was very short enough for guys to get really excited and intrigued and whip out their credit cards to watch the full show.

Well, the problem with that type of marketing model is that there’s really no incentive for the next competitor to hold back on the length. So these videos started getting longer and longer until you get the current situation where there are websites where you can watch a whole movie. We are talking about a high-definition movie that costs thousands of dollars to make with all these exotic porn stars and actresses and it’s completely free.

You might be beside yourself thinking where does all the money come from. Well, the good news is that the online adult business is really subsidized by one promising sub-segment. This is called the segment. When people watch a cam show, they get excited by the model and she promises all sorts of stuff. For the audience members to see that stuff, they have to sign up for a privatecams special show. This is not free. The revenue stream from this segment pretty much saved the industry.