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July 9th, 2015


There are more and more sexy women out there getting on their webcams and broadcasting themselves these days, but one dirty little secret few people will tell you is that many of them love having free live sex chat with people they meet online. Sure, they love to put on shows and some of these girls work for tips or do private shows for people, but most of them (at least on also have a free chat option. This is where the sexy girl hangs out in her room and chats with anyone that happens to come in and want to talk. Usually these girls are wearing something sexy or very skimpy, but there are some of these girls that are exhibitionist so they relax naked and chat. They will talk to you just about any subject (many of them are well-read and they hail from different parts of the globe so they have interesting perspectives on things), but deep down what they really want to do is have naughty, sex chat with you. They want to hear your deepest desires and they want you to tell them what you want them to do. Pleasing you makes these girls happy and the happier they are the more clothes come off!

Private cams probably saved the online adult business

June 8th, 2015


If you’ve been watching all sorts of adult porno and watching all sorts of free live cam shows, you’re probably under the impression that free adult entertainment is absolutely free. You might even be thinking that you are entitled to free porn. I really can’t blame you for thinking that way because for the most part, the online adult industry shot itself in the head. I’m not saying it shot itself in the foot, I’m saying it shot itself in the head. We are talking about an existential dilemma here.

You have to remember that the roots of this current malaise challenging the online adult entertainment industry has its seeds 10 years ago. Back then, the most popular way to promote any kind of online adult paysite entertainment is to show free samples. Initially, these free samples were very tame. We’re talking about, maybe, a couple of seconds of a video of a guy slamming his dick into some chick. And it was very short enough for guys to get really excited and intrigued and whip out their credit cards to watch the full show.

Well, the problem with that type of marketing model is that there’s really no incentive for the next competitor to hold back on the length. So these videos started getting longer and longer until you get the current situation where there are websites where you can watch a whole movie. We are talking about a high-definition movie that costs thousands of dollars to make with all these exotic porn stars and actresses and it’s completely free.

You might be beside yourself thinking where does all the money come from. Well, the good news is that the online adult business is really subsidized by one promising sub-segment. This is called the segment. When people watch a cam show, they get excited by the model and she promises all sorts of stuff. For the audience members to see that stuff, they have to sign up for a privatecams special show. This is not free. The revenue stream from this segment pretty much saved the industry.

Creampies & Motorcycles Danni Cole

October 18th, 2011

Whoa! Ms. Danni Cole is a hottie! She hails from Arizona, but lives now in California and she’s ready to be famous! Danni is a traveled woman & an open minded kinda chick who loves to fuck and when she found out she could do that for money she was down like a hound bone bound! We meet up with her at the park. It was a lovely day and we wanted a lil R&R so we asked Danni to meet us there.
She’s got a nice lil ass, a slammin body and huge tits!! What more can a man ask for really? Ms. Cole is first seen ridding bike for us around the park. After we take her back to the crib we ask her nicely to ride bike with out her clothes and she agrees. Did I mention the Danni Cole is horny as fuck?! We oblige her and give her some cock for her mouth. Danni knows her way around a dick and she would like to prove it to you. Watch and enjoy!.

Cream of Carmen

October 18th, 2011

We invited Carmen Mc Carthy to come through so we could have some fun in the sun. It turns out that Carmen has been hitting up the beach for a few days already so she wasn’t so much in the mood to tan. She was more in the vibe to get fucked hard, suck some dick and get filled up with spunk. To set the mood Carmen played a few notes on the piano as her was being eaten out. Apparently if you lick Carmen Mc Carthys asshole she gets so turned on she immediately wants to suck a dick. She sucked the dick of the same dude who licked her ass, but only cuz he was the first person she saw. Otherwise she’d prolly suck any old person in the vicinity. Carmen went on hiatus for a minute to finish school, but now she’s back doing what she does best. Thank God!.

Dayna Vendettas FIrst Creampie!!!

October 18th, 2011

Whae I think of hot blondes I think of Dayna. She’s got it all man! Big tits, big ass and juicy lips. She loves to fuck and suck and fuck and suck all day long!! Ms. Vendetta was invited by us to come by and have a little fun with Bang Bros. We love to have her always, but this time is special. Dayna Vendetta is going to be doing her very first CREAM PIE!!! Who wouldn’t want to cum all up in a cute blondes pussy while she begs for it to drip all down her legs. Dayna looks like she might have a little latina in her, but she doesn’t. She’s an American bread white chick who’s horny as a rabbit in heat. Actually she likes to be fucked like bunny rabbits (her words). Dayna says licking her ass tickles her, but we do it anyway and she loves that shit! Enjoy..

Panamanian Jugs

October 18th, 2011

How often do get to touch size K tits? I mean it’s like dodo birds right? We got ourselves a Panamanian mamacita with size K breast that astound. I mean she’s got enormous tatas plus a big booty you just want rubbed all over your face! I didn’t know Panama exported Jugs this size quite frankly. You have to see this whole move! You would think that a girl with such ginormous tits would have issues ridding the dick, but she does it like a pro and it’s a site to behold to see them beautiful jugs bouncing up and down, side to side. God is great! This chick is like every mans muse you know?!?! If she was beside you and you wrote songs or was some sort of artist you would be overflowing with inspiration and other ooze we don’t need to describe right now, but you get the point don’t you? ENJOY!!!.

London Reagans First Cream Pie

October 18th, 2011

Ladies & gentlemen!! Introducing LONDON REAGAN!! She’s blonde, she has big tits and she’s ready to film her first porn ever!!! We are proud to present this monumental experience with all of you. She’s not nervous, she’s not shy and on top of everything she’s never heard of a CREAM PIE!! We are going to take pride in filling this broad up with hot cum and make her part of the BANG FAM. What else can a man ask for? She’s hot, she loves to fuck and she wants to show you what she can do. Will she be able to take the big dick we brought her? Will she be able to shove it down her throat & pussy? Watch and find out!!.

Jessie Volt the French Goddess

October 18th, 2011

I am pretty sure this weeks Tug job star is gonna be a favorite. Her name is Jessie Volt and my friends she is fucking stunning. Nice tits on her tight athletic body with a perfect little round ass. I think anyone would surrender there load to this sexy little lady as she pulls and spits all over your hard dick while she is talking all nasty in FRENCH! I guarantee you will love watching this french goddess jerk nut all over her pretty face..

Bombay Meat Beat Lyla Storm

October 18th, 2011

Get ready, meat beaters, for one sick update. There’s a storm a’cummin and her name is Lyla. This sweet piece of American/Bombay fusion tugs one hell of a dick! She got really into it, lubricating our man’s dick with her spit over and over. She got so into it that she couldn’t resist giving our man a little lick and suck here or there. The ultimate tease baby! Whooo! Watch this one. It’s worth it..

Double D’s & A Handjob

October 18th, 2011

Jazmyn, Jazmyn, Jazmyn!! Ladies & gents! What we have here is your typical Puerto Rican mama who’s interested in only one thing & that’s pleasing. She’s so fucking sultry, so fucking hot, so fucking curvy it hurts the eyes if you stare too deep. Imagine for a second Jazmyn at your crib looking at you with those Latina eyes. She flicks her beautiful blonde hair back and licks her lips. Se tells you she want to jack you off. She tells you she wants to put your cock in between her tits & she wants your cum all over them. Put that in your spank bank meng! Jazmy is a treasure in this business cuz she exudes sensuality and plain hornyness. From her lips to her giantly wonderful tits. She’s got double D’s & she rocks them with pride. She’s got no shame and pops them out to set everything off. There’s surprises in this one so enjoy!.