How to outlast your competitors on free fuck sites

June 19th, 2018

I know that when you join a free fuck site, you are feeling really competitive. I can’t blame you, I mean, these places have such fucked up male to female ratios that they might as well be gay sites. I know that’s funny. It’s a joke but there’s a lot of truth to that.

I mean, come on, you join a site and there’s one real female for every thousand guys. Pay attention to what I just said– one real female. Based on surface appearances, it may seem like the place has plenty of females but don’t let your eyes fool you. 90% of those “females” are actually guys using software to try to scam and spam you. The remaining 5% are chicks with issues and don’t want to really fuck with anybody. They’re real women but they’re not there to fuck, so I don’t even count them, and the other 4% are dudes who are trying to have real sex with you. This is an average of course but every now and again you will come across adult dating sites that have much higher percentages of females willing to fuck just like

I know that’s scary. I know that’s kind of the sex you didn’t want but I’d be doing you a big disservice by not telling you the truth. It’s really fucked up situation, right? So it’s really important to compete properly. Otherwise, you’re just going to play the game to lose and it might end up that joining these free fuck sites is a pain in the ass figuratively, and if you hook up with a she-male, literally.

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