Private cams probably saved the online adult business

June 8th, 2015


If you’ve been watching all sorts of adult porno and watching all sorts of free live cam shows, you’re probably under the impression that free adult entertainment is absolutely free. You might even be thinking that you are entitled to free porn. I really can’t blame you for thinking that way because for the most part, the online adult industry shot itself in the head. I’m not saying it shot itself in the foot, I’m saying it shot itself in the head. We are talking about an existential dilemma here.

You have to remember that the roots of this current malaise challenging the online adult entertainment industry has its seeds 10 years ago. Back then, the most popular way to promote any kind of online adult paysite entertainment is to show free samples. Initially, these free samples were very tame. We’re talking about, maybe, a couple of seconds of a video of a guy slamming his dick into some chick. And it was very short enough for guys to get really excited and intrigued and whip out their credit cards to watch the full show.

Well, the problem with that type of marketing model is that there’s really no incentive for the next competitor to hold back on the length. So these videos started getting longer and longer until you get the current situation where there are websites where you can watch a whole movie. We are talking about a high-definition movie that costs thousands of dollars to make with all these exotic porn stars and actresses and it’s completely free.

You might be beside yourself thinking where does all the money come from. Well, the good news is that the online adult business is really subsidized by one promising sub-segment. This is called the segment. When people watch a cam show, they get excited by the model and she promises all sorts of stuff. For the audience members to see that stuff, they have to sign up for a privatecams special show. This is not free. The revenue stream from this segment pretty much saved the industry.

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